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Affordable data recovery

Finally a dependable computer repair shop in Birmingham that is affordable and will return your photos and documents to you without destroying them. Call today to find out how easy it is to fix your computer.

Same-day and 24-hour service available

computer repair shop birmingham al , hoover al, pelham al, homewood alMany computer repair companies only keep banker's hours, while most people need their computers repaired the same day. Normally our repair time is between 24-48 hours, but many times we can repair the same day, if we have the parts in stock, or can find them locally. Anytime you are losing money or customers every minute your computer is down, you need service fast, so count on Birmingham Computer Repair to step up when you need fast service.

Data recovery service in Birmingham Al and Jefferson County

(205) 419-8226 - Data recovery in Birmingham ALNever let anyone work on your comuter who does not understand how valuable and irreplacable your data is. A common mistake of many repair shops is assuming the data on you computer is disposable, or that you are not willing to retrieve the data, or they are not skilled enough to correctly retrieve your important pictures, music and documents. This is a troubling problem far too common in the Birmingham area today.

If you would like to ensure that your critical files are protected and recovered correctly, call the professionals at Birmingham Computer Repair

Repair vs. Replace - should I buy a new computer instead?

toshiba laptop repair, dell laptop repair, hp laptop repairMany times computer repairs cost more than a new machine. In these cases you should consider replacing the old equipment rather than struggling with a dying computer. The key to maintaining the life of your computer is is buying the right machine to begin with, keeping it spyware and virus free, and keeping the inside clean and free from dirt, dost, and dander. Another very import factor is how will you recover the files from you old computer, or protect them while it is being repaired?

Hard drive repair

While we do not actually repair hard drives, we can repair the logical structure of the drive enough to recover your data. Typically you will need to provide and external hard drive to return data on. Data Recovery

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